A new hotel forms the centre of the redevelopment of a decommissioned air force complex in Östersund into a new part of the city. The area is located directly adjacent to the civilian airport on the island of Frösön and slopes gently down towards lake Storsjön, with view toward the mountains further west. The existing buildings form a campus with a mix of old and new buildings, ranging from simple barracks to high-tech hangars.
The project has two parts, one re-use and one new-build. An existing former military canteen building has been completely transformed in both the interior and the exterior, and contains reception, restaurant, bar, kitchen, conference, gym and a large spa. At the edge of the existing building, a new 5-story extension contains 115 hotel rooms and suites has been added.
The architectural principles in the two parts are somewhat different. In the transformation of the old building the aim is to make an ambiguous whole, where the additions and transformations are not to be seen as 'new'. In the addition, the facades are clad with prefabricated sheet metal panels whose ordering indicate a tectonic subdivision, expressed in a shallow bas-relief, that is not indicative of the underlying structure but rather strives to order the facade into a harmonious whole.
Photography: Mikael Olsson