The project is conceived as a reflection on the theme of the domestic. The house is composed of two clear building volumes with different proportions and heights, which allows for the exterior adaption to the sloping site as well as an interior variety of interlocking spaces (Raumplan). The house has a sort of doubleness, or Janus-character, since it is formal and symmetrical towards the garden but informal and plastic toward the entrance side.
In the interior the spatial sequence turns horizontally and vertically around the large stair that connects all levels. The interior spaces have many different proportions and are painted in slightly different hues and are lined with white paneling, all of which further plays with the idea of the traditional or home-like, but also create subtle dislocations in the perception of the proportions of the rooms.
The exterior is clad with Danish brick in an English Cross bond (Kreuzverband), with brick sills in the windows. The uniform and ornamental treatment of the brick surface is underlined by the precise placement of the windows in relation to the bricklaying logic, which also gives the house a classic and monolithic appearance.
Photography: Mikael Olsson